The album was released on 15th October 2020.

Track Listing

  1. Tanglefoot
  2. Twang Ahoy
  3. Banned from the Beach
  4. Sunbaked
  5. Delightful Rain
  6. Gatecrasher
  7. Nude Twister
  8. Souled Out (feat. Joe Camilleri)
  9. BroDaddy
  10. Crashed Out
  11. Break Placid
  12. Salt Shaker
  13. Mystery Bay

Tanglefoot, Crashed Out, Break Placid written by Tony Naylor. Twang Ahoy, Banned from the Beach, Delightful Rain, Gatecrasher, Sunbaked, Nude Twister, BroDaddy, Salt Shaker, Mystery Bay written by Martin Cilia. Souled Out written by Martin Cilia & James Gillard.